LEARN.classic offers intensive learning preparation for catching up with compulsory school-leaving qualifications. Classes take place in small groups, five times weekly the whole day. Great success has been achieved by means of individual time tables, adult suitable lessons and diversified contents, learn coaching and successful exam preparation.


LEARN.plus: offers people with learning disabilities and/or social/emotional impairment even more intensive and individual preparation for exams. These trainings should aid the participants to keep up better with lessons, and with the aid of different learning techniques improve their processing skills and understanding of the subject matter.

LEARN.fit: is a program which brings together both training and work experience to prepare for apprenticeships. In cooperation with external training companies, young adults have the chance to receive training for personality development, learn trade school subjects and at the same time acquire practical skills in respect of future schooling.

All teachers have completed their education at the teacher training college. Funding of courses comes from the State of Upper Austria (education), the AMS and the City of Linz.