SOCIAL PEDAGOGIC FAMILY ASSISTANCE: Firstly, the key carer works together with the children and youths to achieve goals which are solution orientated. Secondly, the key carer works with the parents to achieve those same goals. Also special group activities and a varied holiday program are offered as part of this project.

AFTER SCHOOL CARE CENTRE: After school care centre children who require increased support, receive intensive care to suit their needs within the after school care centre and also outside of the centre. Regular meetings with parents and a close cooperation with the school and after school care centre complete this offer.

YOUNG MOTHERS: Together with other under-aged mothers, questions about the new role as a mother and the challenges as a mother are worked on in the group and also in individual conversations. Issues such as family relationships, child care, job finding and future prospects are the central part of the “Young Mothers” program.


SOCIAL COMPETENCE GROUPS: An all round training for different age groups. The special offers enable the reduction of sensory overload, to strengthen self-confidence and to extend social competences.

PEDAGOGIC LUNCH TABLE: Three to four times a week, MOVE offers a balanced and diversified lunch for children, youths and young mothers. The objective is sharing a diversified and healthy lunch at a ready-laid table in a family atmosphere.